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we could go back n watch reall football not this PANSY lack of hitting ,touching the QB in the helmet ,hitting a defenseless WR ,horse collar tackle,tuck rule,taunting to much celabration.i know they are trying to protect the players but come on man some of these rules and calls are for little kids leagues.dont get me wrong i do want the players to be safe and not worry about their long term future but at times i scream at the tv when the refs call some lame azz penalty.i like seeing CB'S destroy some one cumming accross the midle blasting a wr just as the balll gets to him but i think they have put into place a system where most players are affraid to play that way because of the fines or calls against them.there was a time where only the kicker was off limints now its the QB,WR,AND JUST ABOUT ANY PLAYER WITH THE BALL IN HIS HAND.
so what rule or rules along with penalty calls would you like to see gone.
do you want the old NFL back?
I dont like the defenseless receiver rule sometimes, but sometimes I do. Same with the helmet to helmet rule, but there is too much pressure from everyone to ignore it. I don't know why you listed the horse collar tackle rule as PANSY, its a great rule, that is a very dangerous and unnecessary play. Imagine getting pulled down backwards while running full speed. Not ok. I would like to see a change of rule added where they can review PI calls. That **** is getting old and is affecting virtually every game I watch. 4 times this year when we lost I was thinking it was at least partially the refs fault from bad PI calls and no calls.