Bess is good for what he is, but man I feel you guys are overrating him, big time, especially in regards to thinking you could get a 2nd rounder for him.

Today's slot WR has developed like today's TE . . . you need a guy who can do more than just run good routes inside . . . you need a slot WR who can get deep, who can explode and make a defender miss and go the distance . . . when you see Victor Cruz and TY Hilton, hell even Welker, that defines what a slot WR is in 2013 . . . Bess can't do any of that, he's too slow. We saw him on the outside a few times this year and it was a joke . . . it's not who he is, he's limited. He's not a problem obviously but with one year left on his deal if we drafted one of the WVU WR's to eventually replace him I'd have no problem with that. I'd love Bailey in the slot because he literally is a jack of all trades.

Bess is average . . . I know this comes as a shock to many of you, but it's the truth. I love watching him as a Dolfan because he has been one of the most consistent players we have had in 5 years . . . but that has a lot to do with failed drafts and bad FA signings as well.

Hartline intrigues me much more than Bess in the slot, even though my concern would be he isn't as shifty, but he's more versatile and he's a good route runner in his own right . . . he could excel there with one of the big named FA's and an early round WR at the 1 and 2.