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Funny thing is im looking around the league at WR cap hits and there are too many WRs that are head and shoulders better then Hartline getting paid less then 5$ a year. Nelson 3.5$ ,James jones 3.8$, Colson 3.3, L moore 2.2$ Desean jackson 3, Maclin 2.3,Garcon 4.7,wayne 3.5, M austin 2.7.... I would take any of those guys over Hartline and some of those guys R #1 WRs.


Hell the highest paid WR in the superbowl this year is Boldin making 7.5$ everyone else is under 4.5$.... No need to pay Hartline more then 3.5-4 mil. Even that is pushing it IMO.
Don't think your site link is very accurate.

How in hell can DeSean jackson have a $3M cap number when he just signed a contract for 5 years and $47M with $15 guaranteed in march of last year.
His salary for 2013 is $6.75M

So strike him from the list because he is being paid more than Hartline is asking for.