This is the big question heading torwards March 12th. All three have special skills. All three have drawbacks. The question is, if you were calling the shots, who do you want, why do you want them, and in what order?

For me, it's theoretically a tough call. I'm on record saying I think Jennings will be a Dolphin given his background...but his health issues give me pause. I'm also on record saying I think Wallace would make the biggest impact...although his limited repetior gives me pause. I'm not on record with regards to Bowe, but, he was a guy I loved in the draft when he came out...only to see Miami draft the Ginn family...but his questionable work ethic and occasional bout with drops gives me pause. So, for me, all that said, this is how it shakes out:

1. Greg Jennings - Yes, the injury concerns are there. But, the injuries consisted of a minor knee in 2011 and a sports hernia in 2012. I don't believe sports hernias are a huge worry for recurrence and the knee, if I remember correctly was a minor MCL. So, although he has been dinged, I still think he is worth the risk. I think he is a Dolphin come 2013.

2. Mike Wallace - I truly think Miami SHOULD look long and hard into Wallace. However, I truly think they will pass. I keep coming back to the way Philbin looked at Gates. He couldn't get past the route running to see the speed. I think he will see the same thing in Wallace. Can he take the top off, no doubt about it. But, will he play within Philbin's system and let the game come to him? Probably not. I expect Miami to pass....although.....I'd love to have him.

3. Dwayne Bowe - Has alot of what Miami is looking for from a competitiveness, range, and endzone standpoint. As a rsult, if they are comfortable with his hands and work ethic I could see him pushing his way up this list. However, I think they will want a more precise route runner like Jennings to execute the offense.

So, do people agree? If so, for different reasons?