Iam a transplant from another site, had 20k posts and 5 years of posting...all tossed to the side because of one females "Vengful" ways.

Ill give you a quick rundown on my likes and dislikes so you can decide if you plan on liking me or not.

Dolphins fan (duh)
Knicks fan
Mariners fan
Thee Ohio State Buckeyes

I support Jeff Ireland because I have too, I don't think he should be our GM but he is, so I'm in his corner.

I believe Tannehill will be a top level QB

I realize our WR corp is very subpar

You will figure out the rest along the way, what I can tell you is I come with playful humor, life is short make fun of it. I'm loyal, everytime I see a Dolphins fan I bring up the board I'm posting on. Being from Ohio all I have to relate to are my online Dolphin bro's.

Looking foward to starting a new career here.