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I see where this forum is holding elections on who, out of everyone who comes here, had a good year in posting. Great idea to give credit where it is due.

I believe this to be a VG idea but, the VAST majority appears to disagree. There are THOUSANDS of us posters out there, who apparently like coming here, and at least reading what Phans have to say.

Yet, with THOUSANDS of members, and hundreds to a thousand posters, reading the voting on who they enjoy reading, the most votes posts given is FORTY FRAKIN ONE.

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Perhaps, many here do not understand that to VOTE, all ya gotta do is click on a poster's name. I know this takes less than a second to do, which can be used on other things, like maybe hoisting a beer IF you are very quick. Can't think of anything else.

I can understand not voting for a President but, this is different. It's your forum, and showing a bit of appreciation for others you enjoy coming here for should matter, considering it takes no time to do.

That's my story, and I am sticking to it. Take a minute to vote on a forum you enjoy.

*** Does NOT apply to Jets fans, and those who do not enjoy this forum.


Whatchu talkinabou' mayne?

90% of the posts on this forum have no value to me, but there are the few people whose posts I appreciate. I don't bother reading anything outside of the Dolphins and draft forum. Frankly, I don't think anyone gives a crap about elections and other such things. They're only here (as I am) because this is the only forum with a decent amount of activity as to elicit a regular visit. And I think it would be a much better place if all the frivolous crap (ridiculous sigs, tacky badges, threads complaining about people not voting, etc.) were not around for us to skim through.