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Proven Pro Bowl LT. You keep from adding to a list of positions to address by unknowns that can just as much tear an ACL in TC and then laugh at your shortsightedness to the bank. Part of securing Ireland's legacy (the one making the decisions) must you really ask such a seemingly senseless question? People need to be objective. Look at things as if through Ireland's eyes. Long is most definitely a "must bring back" as anyone else on the roster that's a FA.
Actually, its pretty universally accepted among most that Long has not played at his previous All-Pro level lately and injuries are increasingly becoming an issue.

LT is an overrated position. Im not saying you can have a guy that blows there and be successful. Im just saying that the difference betwen having an all-pro LT and an above average LT is not as pronounced as the difference between an all-pro corner, S, WR, TE, or DE and an above average replacement. An o-line is more about the sum of the parts than it is about having a few elite players. If Long was healthy and playing like he used to, Id consider 10M even though its pricey for an OL. Now, with what Long actually is these days, I wouldnt even consider giving him 10M