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he wasnt one of the top qb's. payton manning and matt flynn just off the top of my head. henne was signed as a BACKUP to a terrible Blaine Gabbert. he is a backup qb and was never thought of as a starting qb in FA.

sure he was. He was a starting QB that hit FA. I didn't say he was THEE top Qb but he was one of the QB's to hit the market that got interest around the league. The OP's originial post was about teams interested in our FA from the Ireland era, Henne was one of those players.

Jason Campbell and Kyle Orton were others. Matt Flynne on the other hand only got play from 2 teams, we were one of them only because of the familiarity we had with him but we offered him only what we thought he was worth, Seattle gave him close to what he wanted... How exactly did that work out for them??? Not to mention how did Henne work out for Jax? He was a better QB then Gabert was, that's for sure, even though he was brought in as a back up