I beilive we can get Hartline for 4.5 and probably should and get a player in the draft. The other option are pay Wallace 10 million and still draft a player. Wallace will stretch the field but was hurt last year too.
Smith no what you do we are down 2 CB's if he is not resigned and then you are gambling in the draft to cover both sides of the field. Pay him his 7 mill for 2 years and try in those 2 years to draft 2 cbs. Regardless we have to to draft a cb this year and gambling on drafting 2 cbs to come in is to much to hope for.
Long will 10 million is alot for how he is looking I just do not know if he comes out of his slump it is a steal if he continues to decline then its a bad move. The problem is we need a CB and DE in this draft there is no way around it. If we let him walk we need a OT too. But we could take his salary of 10 mil and sign Wallace which means we then do not need a WR in the draft so much but we need a OT in the first 3 rounds. I am not big on bringing back IR players so I let him walk and sign Wallace.
So you let Harline walk if you sign Wallace or do you?
Fasano I bring back for 2 years and keep looking. You find anothe elite TE and those 2 could cause some damage like he did his first year with us. 2.5 million or so and that is worth the gamble.
Clemmons same thing as Fasano still cheap enought insurance until you find your playmaker.
If guess you bring back Gardner if Long goes.
Starks I really like and we need to let him walk if we grab a DE in round 1 like I think. He is a progress stopper I let him walk for now
McDaniel I let walk.
Bush man he can be a play maker but Miller and Daniels run with the same style just not so good and we need a bruising rb and Bush just is not that guy. I let him walk for now.
So guys I resign
If the price is right I might resign Bush and Starks but they are progress stoppers
If we do not sign Wallace then I bring back Hartline
McDaniel DT and Marshall CB is let walk for sure.
I try and resgin Patterson as the nickle back to replace Marshall
I also spend some FA heavy money on a guard they are cheaper to resign than a FA OT and then I can let Jerry and Gardner duke it out at OT and draft a OT in the first 3 rounds.

If I am Ireland I am taking a DE in round 1 and a CB in round 2. A WR in round 2 if we bring back Hartline or if we bring in Wallace a OT in round 2.
then in round 3 it is OT or WR.
This is a need draft mind you.

After that it si the best player available. I would say a safty, between the tackles running back and linebacker would be the positons I would target through rounds 3-5 and a QB in round 7 though I think they will bring in a washed up veteran QB myself.