There isn't a clear cut #1 WR this year, like an A.J. Green but there is some good talent. Cordarrelle Patterson has the best combination of size and speed. Keenan Allen is a solid WR but I think people have him rated to high. Justin Hunter has 1st round talent but the knee injury is a concern so I have him in the 2nd round.

Here is my 1st round WR Ranking:

WR-Cordarrelle Patterson 6-3, 205 - Physically the best WR in the draft. Although he is a raw talent, he has tremendous combination of size and speed. Can make the tough catch and can get lots of YAC. Not the most polished WR but he has excellent upside. With a good 40 time he will solidify the top WR spot.

WR-DeAndre Hopkins 6-1, 200 - I really like him a lot. Has good size and and speed. Catches the ball well and is a good route runner. Can get YAC on the short stuff and can also get deep. Patterson has more upside but Hopkins is more polished. Simply a solid WR.

WR-Keenan Allen 6-3, 210 - Many have him the #1 WR. Gifted with size but lacks speed. I just can't put him #1. Probably the most polished WR will make the tough catch. All positives it's just the lack of speed really bumps him down. Will not be the first WR taken, don't be surprised if he falls to the bottom of the 1st round.

WR-Terrance Williams 6-2, 201 - The scheme at Baylor bumps him down but physically has decent size and good speed. Route wise didn't see much variation in the routes. Definitely a deep threat and can make the sideline grab. Decent hands and can make some tough catches. Bottom 1st round WR.