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It might be a bit of a gamble fellas but I look at numerous mock drafts and many of them have C. Patterson and Keenan Allen going late in the first round, instead of around #12, where we pick.

Do you think it me be best to try and trade down maybe 3 to 8 picks and try to pick up another pick? Maybe an extra second or third rounder? I think Patterson or Allen could easily be there at #20 and if there is not a lot of difference between the two, we could maybe grab one of them later. What you think??? There might also be another WR besides Allen and Patterson who shines in the Combine who might be worth a look.
Trading down is definitely something I would consider depending on who goes 1-11. I don't believe Patterson will be available at #20, he might go before #12. However Allen might. DeAndre Hopkins is someone to watch at the bottom of the first. In the second round I'm looking at Justin Hunter and Aaron Dobson. Dobson could be a nice pick up.