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It's a lot easier to commit a massacre with an assault rifle.

In the 18 years leading up to the 1996 buyback of semiautomatic weapons in Australia, we had 13 massacre incidents with 4 deaths or more. Since 1996 we've had 0. Zero.

Mental health is obviously really really really important and should be focussed on in these discussions, but there is really no good reason for an everyday citizen of a 1st world country to carry a gun or keep a gun in their home.

If someone with mental health issues is having homicidal thoughts, I'd rather there not be a high magazine volume assault rifle anywhere he could get access to it. While the vast, vast majority of gun owners are responsible with their weapons, all it takes is one crazy guy and one automatic weapon to kill a lot of people very quickly.
Narrow minded people often see it this way.

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The atomic bomb that killed 250,000 to 400,000 citizens of Japan? Oops nope not that one, we just built a **** load more after that.
The question was in regards to WWI not WWII.