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With Ansah, he received mixed reviews at the senior bowl. He is seen as a project, with I am forecasting causing him to drop slightly since this is such a deep draft with DE's.
That's not a good bet. What I've heard is that the scouts are torn on him and that half think he's a top 10 pick and the other half think he's a 2nd round pick. When that's the case, the yay's usually have it (see: Newton, Cam).

But that's not even the pick that is most egregiously poor in terms of pegging what is going to be available where. That honor belongs wot the Lane Johnson at 3-B pick. Lane Johnson is going to go between 65 and 75 picks higher than pick #82 in the Draft. You have him going mid- to late-3rd round. That's a really, really, really off projection IMO.

I suppose Desmond Trufant COULD make it to pick #54...however I've heard the word from scouts is he's a consensus 1st round pick and won't make it out of that round.

I personally think Stedman Bailey will be gone before pick #77 but that's just my opinion and I don't have a ton of backing on that.