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It's amazing how quickly S.Smith progressed reversed from his stellar play the first 3-4 games or so of the season. He was like a completely different player he challenged the Andre Johnson and A.J Greens and Larry Fitzgerald. I honestly saw the Jets Cromartie in Sean Smith. Then all of a sudden it's like his mind realized that he was actually playing at a very good level and decided that was unacceptable.......

He's truly a frustrating player! The physical abilities are clearly their, But you can tell in his body language and especially when he speaks to the media his problem is cleary upstairs in the area of confidence and truly wanting to be elite.

Personally, I think the only way he will ever reach his full potential is on another team. Not because Miami didn't try to bring it out of him, But more because of the reality of being let go because you refuse to bring it!
I disagree somewhat. You said Smith excelled in the first 3 or 4 games. Our CB in those first few games were Richard Marshall and Smith was able to play his style of football, Press man to man. When Marshall got hurt, Smith was forced to play off more and play in more a zone where he struggles at because one of Carrol biggest struggles are in man but hes a decent zone corner. Sean Smith will never be an elite corner IMO, but he isn't asking for elite money either.