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MILLER was mediocre at best last season. Deal w/it! He's no R BUSH.
Miller was only "mediocre" because he wasn't really used a lot last season. 250 yards rushing and one touchdown I guess is mediocre if you were expecting him to put up big numbers as a rookie. As a pro we really don't have a big sample size to really say if he is going to be as good or even better than Reggie Bush. He only had 51 carries while Reggie had 227 so of course he was "mediocre" in comparison.

The encouraging aspect of Miller from last year is that he mostly shined when his number was called. Bush is a dancer who can break off a 60 yard run or will get stuffed for negative yards. Miller seems to get the ball and just hits the opening without much hesitation. He also averaged just about 5 yards per carry so the signs are there that he has good potential. If Bush leaves via free agency there is no doubt in my mind that Miller, not Thomas, will be the #1 back in 2013. He is also only 21 years old.