23. Miami Dolphins (22)

PB – 22nd, RB – 20th, PEN – 20th
Stud: He finished the season poorly by the standards he set, but for a stretch of the season there wasn’t a better center in the league than Mike Pouncey (+17.6).
Dud: You spend a high pick on a rookie, then it’s likely at some point you’re going to want to see what you’ve got. Well, the Dolphins got a good long look at Jonathan Martin (-22.0) and they’ll know he’s got a long way to go before he becomes the player they drafted him to be.
Summary: With Jake Long not the player he was this line was always going to struggle to replicate the performances of years gone by. A slow start didn’t help things either, and right now they appear a unit in transition. Really interesting to watch just what happens with Long this offseason.