When he started running more late in the year, often in plays that resembled those of the 49'ers or Redskins, I was excited by the bursts of speed Tanny exhibited.
I knew that he had been a major division I college WR so I shouldn't ave been too surprised by some speed, but, gosh-darn he sure made 20 yards disappear in a heartbeat, didn't he!?
But with the physique he has plus not seeming to have that 'shake&bake' element of a true rusher, I wonder if he's too 'white' (plenty of black QBs have been 'too white' too) to be a good, consistent read-option QB. I would think, just as a RB would have to throw well enough to be a real threat in the wildcat, I would think that a QB would have to be enough of a true rushing threat to really thrive in the read-option offense.

What say you, finheaven? Should Miami implement more read-option or not?