Nick Foles - QB - Eagles

While at Oregon, new Eagles coach Chip Kelly stated that he believes big hands are an essential attribute for a quarterback.

"That is the biggest coaching point to finding a quarterback," Kelly said. "How big are his hands, and how well can he control the football? The height of the quarterback is not the important thing. No one playing quarterback throws over the line. They throw trough lanes in the linemen. The important thing is the size of their hands." At 10 5/8 inches, Nick Foles had the biggest hands of any quarterback at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine.

So before the draft some people were concerned about tannehills 9 inch hands. So I ask this question again. Will this be a problem in cold weather games in the future? Lets be honest tannehill did not necessarily light it up in the cold weather road games this year (bills, pats, started bad vs jets then injury). Vick has very small hands I think 8.5-9 inches and he has always had ball control issues. Culpepper had extremely small hands and he had a fumbling problem. Another QB who had very small hands was chris chandler but he lead the falcons to a superbowl. Look I like Tanneill a lot and i love his skill-set and i do believe we finally find our franchise QB. He is intelligent, strong arm, mobile, athletic, accurate. But this small hands thing still sits in the back of my mind and I kind of cant get over the hurdle. So basically after reading what chip kelly said leads me to believe that he would probably not draft tannehill if he were in this draft based on hand size? I read one scouting website that said some nfl gm's and scouts rank hand size anywhere from 6-10 on a list of 10 most important attributes for a QB. So what do u guys think about this?