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what would be the negatives in checking out a former #1 overall pick? please explain? let's say we sign him, do you think he'd get anything more than the minimum w/ no guaranteed money? would it hurt our cap? would there be any risk? We have more access to info than ever before yet people still don't understand how this game works.
Next to Ryan Leaf....who is probably the biggest bust at #1 pick for QB.....ever? JR comes in a close second! 305 lbs as a former QB. He's thrown in the towel and lost all respect for himself AND the game. The better question should be, "Why would ANYONE, let alone the Jests waste their time on this guy?" You already have a 'project' QB that needs more time on a therapist's couch than most paranoid dillusional schizophreniacs.

Never mind, I forgot who I'm trying to reason with. Have at him.