This claim is made with the premise that we will go sign one of the big 3:Jennings Wallace or Bowe.

I just want to make this clear,if we pay one of the big 3, and if you want us to draft a first round receiver, we will not be paying Hartline.

We will not be spending a first round pick to split snaps with Hartline for 4+ years.

If you want to pay up Hartline then it will guaranteed be second rounder or lower in the draft for a wideout because you won't be paying Hartline 4-5 million in years 2-4 to be the third/fourth option receiver.

Which is why I want Hartline to walk. I want to get Jennings or Wallace, draft Cordarrelle Patterson, and then also sign a cheap FA wr that can be serviceable and split snaps with Patterson for the first couple years.

Go get Ramses Barden who is tall, fast and huge hands to split with Patterson on the far side.