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No but they could drag us into a 10 year plus war . While totally draining many of our resources and funds fighting a war that will result with us leaving and them staying. In other words....DEFEAT. Empires have been defeated countless times throughout history by determined and outmatched people.
I'm going to have to disagree. 100% disagree. The reason the Taliban are doing OK is because it's their turf we're fighting on. They know where everything is. They are everywhere. The terrain doesn't lend well to the style of war the U.S. is willing to fight over there. It would be a different story completely if the full strength of our forces were sent into Afghanistan.

If there was a rebellion here, there are bases EVERYWHERE. The government knows this terrain well. In fact, they've already taken advantage of it with silos, bases, etc. Plus, your plan acts like they wouldn't be doing the same thing to the rebels. The difference being the government has it's hands in everything. You are thinking of examples of less technologically advanced societies being overthrown. Where could anyone possible hide here? It's a pipedream. Personally, I think it's a horrible excuse to keep guns that the average person has no reason to have. If it came down to it, all the AK-47s in the world won't do much against a few air strikes...