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Taking away some of our free speech for safety of course and the children don't forget those props. A gun doesn't matter??? Try telling that to the many people who defeated far superior enemies. We've always had the right to semi-autos since their creation. Thinking that we could ban these weapons and it wouldn't be a big deal along with giving this untrustworthy government this power goes against everything the founders wanted and intended with the 2nd. It wasn't about shooting deers but shooting tyrants.
I never said it wouldnt be a big deal. It would be a massive deal. And damn near impossible to enforce.

My point isnt to say the founding fathers didnt say a militia was needed. My point is that times have changed and its not really a consideration anymore. It has happened historically, but there is no precedent set for going against a technologically advanced government and military with a bunch of overweight people, most of which have no stomach for the type of things theyd need to do, and accomplishing anything meaningful. Its just not gonna happen. You cant compare a revolution 100 years ago to one in America. The government in America has the capability to sever communication and hit vital targets of a resistance with ease. You may be able to last along time by just sporadically fighting, but you arent going to accomplish much.