I am contemplating buying a tv in the next day or two. My sony 55" kdf lcd/rear projectionis taking a dump and i'm tired of buying new lamps for it. I've had it for about 8 years and the picture is so dark with thumbprint like spots popping up on the screen. I guess sony had issues with these models.

Im looking for a 50-55" tv, can't see myself getting anything smaller after the 55". I've never owned a plasma or led. There's some good deals going on now but i'm only going to spend about 500-600 range. I can't justify spending another 1400 on a tv. I don't need all the bells and whistles. We watch dvds, digital tv (dumped cable about a year ago) and occasional ps3 game.

After doing some researching, seems they both have their pros and cons. I was looking at 51 samsung plasma and a LG 50 led, both in my price range. Do the plasmas put off that much glare and do they have a darker picture compared to the LED? Are the led's the same as a LCD as far as picture quality. Just looking for some opinions.