I have spent extensive time over the last fifteen or so years between early January and late April preparing for the draft. It's like a hobby of mine. One of the things I've learned is that the smart teams understand that past performance has a direct correlation to future performance.

Take LaRon Landry. When he came out I wasn't a big fan because, for all his skills, he never made plays. I remember saying that he will get overdrafted and will move on not long after his first contract because he won't make plays. How did I know that? He didn't make plays in college. Never intercepted the ball.

Take Elvis Dumervil as another example. I remember thinking this guy could be a bona fide pass rusher at the next level. Why did I say that? Well, it's pretty simple. He sacked the quarterback in college.

My point is, sacking the quarterback and turning the ball over is not a trait that can be acquired in the pro's. It is something that can't be taught. Either you can sink your hips and run the arc or you can't. Either you can turn and find the ball and make a play at it's highest point or you can't. Simple as that.

The smart teams draft guys that made plays in college...regardless of measurables. Look at it this way, Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain were nicked by teams because they were not elite physically. However, they averaged about six picks a year their last two years in college. In light of that, was it that surprising they did that when they came to the NFL?

I have some guys in mind every year that I think fit this dynamic...either they are great athletes with no playmaking awareness...or...they are great playmakers who will not wow you physically. It never fails that the second group ends up having more playmakers in it, which is why round two is so good for the historically smart teams. That said, who do folks think are those guys this year?