I spent plenty of time in one of my lectures yesterday thinking how we could work out this offseason and draft.

If we don't resign Hartline, expect us to go after and get Wallace as $10mil a season. If we do sign Hartline, expect Greg Jennings for the two different styles of play.

I personally don't expect us to bring back Hartline if he's asking for $5-6 million a season. He's done nothing to warrant that kinda money. He had what? 3 TD's in 3 years. BYE.

I also don't expect Bush, Long, or Smith to be back. Bush I would consider but doesn't seem likely.
Starks ($6 p/y) , Clemons ($2.5 p/y), and Fasano ($2 p/y) will be back....Results in $35.5 million remaining.

Free Agent signings:

Mike Wallace: 5 year, $52 million: numerous times Hartline was caught (or almost caught from behind) because of his slight lack of elite speed. Numerous times Hartline fell a few feet short of catching deep TD passes (which would've warranted the money he wants). With Mike Wallace you get the elite speed to blow the top off defenses and allow our other receivers to move around). Having Wallace speed would've been a difference maker in so many games.

Brent Grimes or Keenan Lewis 4 years, 28 million: either would be great for our team. Grimes provides leadership but is older. Lewis was fantastic in 2012.

Dustin Keller: 4 years, $12 million: destroyed us constantly. Bring him in.

Adam Levitre 5 years, $30 million: Heard really good things about him. Would be great to have him as our RG.

Free Agents totals: Roughly $26 million. $9 million remaining.


With no trades:

12th: Jonathan Banks CB MISS STATE
2A: Alex Okafor DE/ OLB ....(Or Eifert or Ertz for Grooming)
2B: Quinton Patton/ Aaron Dobson/ Markus Wheaton...take your pick.
3A: TJ McDonald Safety. I like Clemons but bring the kid in and get some depth back there.
3B: Ryan Swope: Tannehill loses his buddy in Hartline but gets another familiar WR with Swope.