Haven't played a Bioshock game, they simply never interested me. This one has raised my curiosity. Ive been reading up on various previews for the game and it looks incredibly ambitious. Seems like the story is divided into 3 sections that weave into one another:

1) Protecting Elizabeth. Protecting someone in games is often extremely frustrating, but by all accounts you dont have to worry about her dying and she helps you out in combat. As well, apparently the gameplay can change depending on your interactions and choices with her.

2) War between two utterly unlikable factions. Ultra-nationalists who have demonized Lincoln and believe in subjugating the "lesser races" versus extreme communists who believe even your wives and homes belong to "the people" and who murder individuals just for having jobs. While it seems a bit absurd, i find it refreshing to be able to hate both sides. You'll get to see their beginnings and see how the conflict started innocently enough, but the current state of the war has an attitude of "as long as we win everything will be fine".

3) Hunted. While everyone wants to capture and kill you, the Infinite equivalent of the Big Daddy is hunting you down. No one could mistake Resident Evil 3 as a masterpiece, and looking back it probably started the trend toward the crap games that are now churned out by that series, but i still remember the feeling of tension it evoked. I never knew if the next area was safe to move towards or if i was about to be in huge trouble. The nemesis added an element to games i hadnt experienced before and im hoping "SongBird" can pull off something similar.

Anyone planning on grabbing this? Anyone have an opinion on the other BioShocks, are they worth picking up before the new release?