The reality is that he has no real trade value. He is probably worth more to us than any other team despite not fitting our scheme. Our OL lacks grit, bite, nasty, whatever you want to call it. Incognito has it ... and Pouncey has started to show a little as well, but the rest of the line are gentle giants. We need some bite from somewhere. Your point about his contract being up next year is also a good one. I think we will continue to remake this OL, but next year will likely be a bigger year for that. I'm one of the few who expects Jake Long to be resigned. If we don't resign Jake then I think we look to FA and the draft to excellerate the OL remake.

In addition to superior run blocking and attitude, unfortunately, Incognito isn't even the worst pass protecting guard we have starting ... which pains me to say. The first guy to be replaced based on play is Jerry. I wish coaches would take off the rose colored glasses labelled "potential" and see that this guy simply dones't have the work ethic to ever translate his physical skills into becoming a dominating OL. If we replace a G in the starting lineup, I think Jerry is the first guy to be replaced. He may not be let go, and he may take Incognito's spot in 2014, but Jerry would be the first G to be replaced.

But really, our problems at T kinda take precidence over our worse G play.