It's funny...when I saw this thread, my heart kinda sank. Not because I judge him, or because it makes him a bad person...but he is the only guy that I really thought of as a hero when I was a kid. I still, as a grown man, reminisce about how I felt watching him play. I guess when you're a kid, you don't care or think about this kind of thing. But as an adult, I always admired that he seemed to have a real dream life...a happy family, kids, travel, etc. I guess it should be expected that everyone has their problems.

I don't hold it against him, but I guess in some small way I am disappointed. But it isn't like he has abandoned the child...they are set for life. I'm sure the child could reach out to him one day, but who knows if she will want to. Sounds like she has a family, a father that is adopting her, etc. and I can't blame Dan for trying to handle this discreetly. His life is based on his reputation now. And I'm sure it is easier on his family for it to be settled. None of us know much about it, and I doubt we ever will. It's their personal life.

I definitely felt a little disappointed today, but the guy is still my childhood hero.