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We need playmakers.
That much is a given. Here's a mock that would provide us with just that. It's not without risk of course (injuries and or character issues).
It may not even be that realistic, although I don't hunk it's out if the realm
Of possibility to hit on a number of these. Starting with a trade down is unlikely, but it was more
Fun to think about it this way.
It's highly unlikely that JI and Philbin share my draft strategy or philosophy, but would be interested in what you all think.

1 WR Patterson (trade down to 20 and still get to snag him, talk about open field vision RAC!)

2 TE Eifert (I've seen 2 mocks
Recently putting him in 2nd, will open up the seam, can block too)

2 DE Carredine (injury drops him, we pull the trigger, may need to wait a year, but worth the risk)

2 WR Bailey (another playmaker for Tanne)

3 FS Rambo (another playmaker, some risk here, but would be a great tandem with jones)

3 OLB Thomas (evergthing you want in a LB, a welcome addition to help with pass rush and boost LB depth, of which we have none!)

4 CB Matthieu (playmaker...also a risk, but at this stage, also worth the risk)

5 OT Nixon (may not last til 5th.)

6 OG Uzzi (supp pick)

7 DE Kruger (thanks CK for the recent post. CBS has him as the #22 DE prospect, rd7/udfa!)

7 TE Fauria (hope he's more than Joey haynos v2.0), and can provide a redzone/endzone threat with his height).

Or could take a flyer on RB Lattimore here if he's miraculously still on the board.

WR Patterson
WR Bailey
TE Eifert
TE Fauria
OT Nixon
OG Uzzi

DE Carredine
DE Kruger
OLB Thomas
CB honey badger
S Rambo

I'm not sure if all the players you listed will be available where you mocked them, but I absolutely love your picks. If our draft worked out like this, I would be ecstatic - playmakers everywhere!!