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Thread: Most accurate NFL fandom map ever!!

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    Most accurate NFL fandom map ever!!

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    Well, we carry most of Florida anyway, certainly enough to win the electoral votes, although we're shunned in the panhandle, west of Tallahassee.

    Otherwise, nobody cares about us. In that friends listing we showed up very late among Tampa Bay and Jacksonville fans, but nowhere else.

    It really demonstrates that Dallas and Pittsburgh fans dominate the league. Check the friends boxes. Dallas and Pittsburgh are 1-2, in either order, for one fanbase after another. I can certainly verify that. When I worked in Las Vegas sportsbooks you always had to make sure the Cowboys and Steelers games were televised in your book, and front and center if possible. Otherwise there are complaints galore, and patrons will leave. Believe it or not, it's not so much about betting the those sportsbooks on game day. Lots of tourists show up merely to watch the games. And ownership doesn't want to leave a bad impression of the casino. I remember Jack Binion himself walking into the sportsbook office and tinkering with the satellite setup to appease certain guests who requested specific games.
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