To All of Our Loyal Fans:

This time of year we reach out to you to ask you to donate to help keep FinHeaven alive. Each year we run at a slight loss. This past year we gained ground and had a better year than prior, but still ended up at a deficit. I want to emphasize that the site isn't free. We have thousands of visitors who consume tons of bandwidth. The way we are able to stay live during games and big news is because of the investment we make in the servers and back end. You come here for a reason and if you appreciate and like what we do...then please help.

At the top menu of the page is a yellow "Make a Donation" button. Every little bit helps so do not be discouraged if you can only give $1 or $5. Now here is the sad statistic...even thought this site runs at a loss and has the largest most loyal fan base in the web, less than 1% of the fans who visit donate to this site. If half of those gave $5 then the site would be supported for the next two years. That's right...less than 1% of our visitors do anything to help us all enjoy this home for crazy passionate Dolphin fans. Remember Finheaven is a fan site owned and run by fans...and that is at an annual loss that is personally funded because we love this place. No big company or team support here. Fans just like you run and operate so we can all have Finheaven. So we ask of give and help support the site. One of the BEST ways you can donate is by becoming a VIP. Next to the donate button is the "Join VIP" button. If you click that it will help you donate $18.65 for a one year membership. Not only do you help the site by becoming a VIP you also get access to a private VIP forum for SERIOUS fans where the depth and knowledge of the posts are the best. This has grown so much this past year and your favorite posters like to hang out there and go in depth about the team. You also get a live chat feature (like Facebook) where you can talk with VIP members anytime you want and participate in our live game chats which are a great way to share the game experience.

So why not help? I know everyone has tight money but for the price of a couple of beers, or pizza you can really help keep us alive. We appreciate those of you who give every year and hope that we see many more VIP members. Who knows maybe someday the fans will rally around this site and I would never have to make this post again. That would be cool.