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The thing is, he's 29, not 38. Everyone seems to think he's got nothing left in the tank, but he showed that he's definitely capable of still playing. He is a leader, he was a captain in Green Bay and I wouldn't be surprised if he took over a leadership role on the offense if Reggie is let go.

Since coming back, his stats were:
vs. Minnesota 4 catches / 46 yards
vs. Detroit 1 catch / 27 yards
vs. Chicago 4 catches / 50 yards
vs. Tennessee 7 catches / 45 yards / 1 TD
vs. Minnesota 8 catches / 120 yards / 2 TD

vs. Minnesota 4 catches / 61 yards
vs. San Fran 6 catches / 54 yards / 1 TD

If anything it seemed he was getting better as games went on. Sign this guy.
To strenghten your point, he put up those stats with a lot more offensive talent and obviously not always the number one option in green bay. If/when he comes to Miami, he immediately becomes our best reciever for a young, hungry QB looking to prove he wants to be our franchise QB. Having played in this offense in green bay, He will thrive here and be a great mentor for whoever our other WRs will be. I believe he is a perfect fit for this team