Free Agency-

Greg Jennings(4 yr. deal)


Sean Smith(4 yr. deal)
Brian Hartline(4 yr. deal)
Randy Starks(3 yr. deal)
Tony McDaniel(1 yr. deal)
Anthony Fasano(1 yr. deal)
Reshad Jones(new deal)


Jake Long
Chris Clemons


1.)Xavier Rhodes, CB out of Florida St(6'1",217)

[Rhodes from a talent standpoint is probably one of the more intriguing prospects the draft has to offer. His blend of size(6'1"), speed(projected 4.45), and natural athleticism is very rare. He's without a doubt one of the more physical defensive backs the draft has to offer. Rhodes excels at two things. Run support & jamming wide outs at the line. When he gets his hands on receivers at the jump, he does a good job conflicting the timing of the route. Did a good job on just about everyone he covered during his 3 years playing for the 'Noles. Will need to work on his tackling, not that its bad. Its just he's so aggressive, he goes for the "big hit" one too many times, and either misses or takes a bad angle. But once he gets his hands on you, its a done deal. Covering slot WR's is probably his biggest weakness, but with McCann, Wilson, & Patterson on roster it may not come to that. Overall, Rhodes selection is one of mid risk-very high reward. At worst Rhodes will be a solid starter. With his elite measurables, and the top talent at corner being thin Rhodes just might be on the 'Phins radar. With the right talent and coaching around Rhodes, its truly scary what he might become 3 years down the line.

Player Comparison: Antoine Winfield]

2.)Barrett Jones, G/T out of Alabama(6'5",305)

[Here it is. Ireland's first "value" pick of the 2013 draft. Speaking of talent alone, Jones is a top 25 pick. Jones can play just about every position on the line. With torn ligaments in his foot, recent mocks have him slipping to the mid-second round area. Trust me. If Jones is there at 42, knowing our GM's background this is a sure thing. But here's the thing.....Its a great pick! The value would be tremendous, and the need is obvious. We do, of course, have bigger fish to fry with a WR, a DE, some depth at DT, and such but to get a player like Jones here and to finally have some good youth and talent in the interior of the line will do wonders for Miller in the run game. Also, Tannehill will finally have more time to make decisions in the pocket. He got smacked quite a few times before he could even get a chance to read coverage.

Player Comparison: Jordan Gross]

2b.)Phillip Thomas, FS out of Fresno St(6'1",215)

[Phillip Thomas exploded this year. 8 picks and 4 sacks. His name is starting to go around NFL mocks more and more. We missed out on Earl Thomas a few years back. If we miss out of this one Im going to lose it. Chris Clemons is nice and all, but he doesnt make plays and he is a god-awful tackler. Miami as ranked 27th in pass defensed last season. That means work needs to be done in the secondary. Having a hard hitter in Jones on one side, and a sure ball-hawk on the other will take this secondary over the top. Thomas has nice range, and gets good depth in his coverage. Already a better tackler than Clemons, as he can lay the wood but he wraps up. He's reliable as a tackler, and in coverage.

Player Comparison: Jarius Byrd]

3.)Cobi Hamilton, WR out of Arkansas(6'2",199)

[Hamilton was arguably Tyler Wilson's favorite target. He has good size, decent speed and slightly above average hands. Although Hamilton has a lot of good qualities, he tends to lose concentration fairly easy upon good coverage. However, he does run very nice routes for a wide out his size. He also does a good job getting separation. If he can pull it all together, he'll make for a good no. 2 option a few years down the line.

Player Comparison: Stevie Johnson]

3b.)DeVonte Holloman, OLB out of South Carolina(6'2",244)

[Holloman looks to be a solid outside linebacker in a 43 defense. He plays downhill consistently. No hesitation. Good instincts. Converted safety, so he's experienced in playing coverage. With a good showing in OTA's and mini-camp, I can see him starting along side Dansby and Burnett.

Player Comparison: n/a]

4.)Chris Harper, WR out of Kansas St(6'1",228)

[Harper has always been on my man-crush list. He reminds me so much of James Jones, of Green Bay. Harper is a crisp route runner, yet he is smart and strong. Finds the open space in coverage. Doesn't mind doing the dirty work(picking, blocking, going across the middle). I think he would excel in a WCO. Could prove to be a decent red-zone option.

Player Comparison: James Jones]

5.)Joe Kruger, DE out of Utah(6'6",280)

[Older brother players for the Ravens. Should do well as a situational pass rusher, til he develops more technique. The best thing he has going for him is his motor.

Player Comparison: Kroy Biermann]

6.)Bruce Taylor, ILB out of Virginia Tech(6'1",239)

[A young ILB to groom under Dansby. Good depth.

Player Comparison: Bruce Carter]

7.)D. J Harper, RB out of Boise St(5'9",182)

[Should Bush walk in FA, Miller would slot as the starter. Harper could simply make the team by showing his versatility in both the running game and the passing game. Possesses dynamic speed, and has soft hands. Can make plays out of the backfield or split out wide. A lot of things you can do with a player like this in the offense. Can also help on ST.

Player Comparison: Darren Sproles]

Depth Chart-





That defense is starting to look really good. And I thought long and hard about mocking Cordarelle Patterson/Keenan Allen with the first pick but I gotta see it to believe it. Ireland has yet to draft a skill position on the offensive side of the ball in the 1st round during his tenure. Besides, with Philbin's background in Green Bay, they never took a WR in the first round either. I just tried to tailor it as realistic as possible based on past personnel decisions.

Tell me what you think.