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Thread: ImO, were only a couple pieces away from a very good offense

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    FA ImO, were only a couple pieces away from a very good offense

    Forget all that talk about drafting a WR with the #12 pick. All this WR's coming out seem like raw projects. And anyways players always develop after they leave our organization. Sure that kid Patterson be looking nice as hell but how would he transition in the NFL? All I see is streaks, with unpolished skills, that will only take time to develop and hold back the offense and as dominoe effect hold tanny back.

    So here below Im fixing a small explanation as to what I think Jeff Ireland should focus on, to help the offense and tanny our 7th overall pick last summer, to have better chances of succeeding.

    See alot of people want the sexy pick Mike Wallace or Jennings, hey I did to, but then I thought about it and im like oh **** wait wait wait! We have no true to split end in this team! Why the hell do we want to sign speedsters to team up with another speedster in Hartline?

    Mike Wallace wants 10 Million and is one dimensional, doesn't run block, and idk about his hands but he seems like another desean jackson. Teams will gameplan and shut him down, cause he don't run accross the middle neither. Clyde Gates on roids.

    Greg Jennings, yea yea we know he played for Philbin, and knows the system. But how good is he breaking out of jams? He track record doesn't seem to show alot of TD's...Hence it's no coincidence Hartline only had one TD last year..Know why? Flankers barely score in the redzone because they can't outmuscle corners, since its a short field to paydirt,corners play bump and this dudes end up jammed too long, which = no separation via pure strength. Jennings is not the guy to be bringing in if we keep Hartline.

    Dwyane Bowe, on the other hand, is a big wideout at 6-2 220, and his game is psysical. I would like to think off him exactly as a Brandon Marshall just 2 inches smaller minus the allergies in the endzone, Bowe makes a great endzone weapon and loves the paydirt. Do you really wanna lob it to Hartline(not a tron)or Jennings which is 5'11?...

    No you re-sign Hartline, which did great things under alot of circumstances, and his performance will only get better as him and tanny develop more chemistry, plus he already knows the offense and had success. He will now truly play his flanker role which should render alot of more deep throws and keep teams honest with the deep threat while Bess eats up the middle all day, which will also let him play to his true position, the slot. Hartline can also run great routes,has terrific hands and has a great work ethic. So after locking up brian, we scoop up Bowe, then go after Martellus Bennett/Dustin Keller which would enable us to draft an immediate impact player with our first pick(hopefully a right tackle!) Shall we for any reason not sign any relevant tight end in FA, I say we go out and draft Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert. Then with the later picks(not next pick,we need D also) we can take some chances on some wideouts that are still on the board.

    With just 2 skill players added, our offense changes drastically, just think about it! Tanny would benefit immensely and this would boost his development into the QB we think he is, but he needs weapons first. Remember you fellow pigskin junkies, an NFL pocket only offers about 2.5-3 secs of protection like a cheap condom. If you got receivers that take longer to break off a jam then thats where the ball never gets out of the QB's hand and bad things start to happen, because his out of position receivers are getting more jammed than cars in a I-95 morning rush lol.

    Yes of course we need to address some other things like O-line and our tailback sitch. But if letting Reggie Bush walk means re-signing(pay the man!) Hartline, and having money to spend on a WR/TE combo, as much as I like Reggie, he can take a jog then. Lamar Miller seems so much more decisively in hitting the hole,which is what our offense needs, so we already got our premiere back, we just need to find depth here. Sure resh is deadly in the open field, but doesn't get there much because hes average at hitting holes, and when that happens there is your five 2 yard gains per 1 sick 10 yard run. Its not like we take advantage of his skill sets neither like screens and lining him up to the line much.

    I do think were a WR/TE/RT away from having a very good competitive offense that can lead us to some wins when defense is having a bad afternoon. Means that drafting a good RT is very essential, because that way our future TE would be more involved in the offense and less on the protection, which would make us even better, and I do believe in tanny all the way! This is Ireland's make or break season, period! Because I know our capspace and # of picks can permit us to do great things to build for the future and present, hopefully he is very on point this off-season.

    So I ask.. If you people had your way, how would you manage the offensive side during this off-season. What would you do with Bush & Hartline? And who would be A top of your list for FA & #12 PICK?
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