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Thread: Watch this Space: Victor Cruz

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    Watch this Space: Victor Cruz

    A few weeks ago I was thinking about all the options at WR in terms of FA and trades. Larry Fitz has been mentioned on this board and quite rightly so he is class and a great WR. But one name that I pondered on for a while was Victor Cruz. I was trying to consider if he would be a good fit in Miami and the positives outweighed the cons. He is young dynamic, fast and spectacular. Off the field he is a popular guy in the Hispanic community. Stephen Ross is looking for an exciting product with people coming to see it. There seems to be a fit with Victor Cruz as a player who would be a playmaking threat on the field as well as a marketable commodity who would attract the local fan market in Miami.

    He is currently renegotiating a new contract but its not going well as the Giants do not want to overpay him. There is talk off a possible holdout and Cruz becoming a Restricted Free Agent.

    Jeff Ireland has said all options are open including trades in acquring players this offseason.

    I'm not saying Cruz to Miami is going to happen. But there is food for thought to why it could happen.

    Here is the links http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/fo...icle-1.1253448

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