The real problem is that Victor Cruz does not operate on the same team as Davone Bess. If the Dolphins were to be interested in Cruz they would have to work out a sign-and-trade with the Giants and it would probably involve sending Bess over to them to play the slot in place of Cruz, and on top of that we'd have to give up probably a 2nd round pick and maybe a low pick on top of that.

Victor Cruz ran 377 of his 541 routes from the slot. He was targeted 93 times with 58 catches for 867 yards and 8 TDs from the slot.

Playing on the perimeter he was targeted 44 times with 28 catches for 225 yards and 2 TDs...on 164 routes.

That's 2.30 yards per route and 9.3 yards per attempt from the slot versus only 1.37 yards per route and 5.1 yards per attempt on the perimeter.

I'm not calling him a Davone Bess. I believe he's better than a Davone Bess. But he and Davone Bess do not play on the same team.