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Thread: Battle Scenes From Damascus

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    Battle Scenes From Damascus

    Reuters photographer Goran Tomasevic returned to Syria earlier this month, where he has been traveling the war-torn streets of Damascus with the Free Syrian Army. His past 24 hours were especially harrowing, as he accompanied an FSA group on an attack mission. Tomasevic captured the scene as one rebel was shot and killed in front of him by a government sniper. Just an hour later, he managed to keep taking photos as a tank shell slammed into a wall just above him and a group of fighters, sending chunks of plaster and concrete onto their heads. These images bring home with power and immediacy the frightening reality of Syria's urban warfare -- this all happened just yesterday -- but they offer just a few glimpses of this long, bloody uprising.

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    We should pull all out of the middle east. I mean, Obama said he increased domestic oil production, surely we can get off that Middle Eastern teat and leave the people to their affairs right?

    Seriously....much as the US frustrates me these days...who ISN'T glad they live here versus over there?
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