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Thread: MrEd's Offseason Strategy

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    I'm anxious too. I was looking through some of the teams picking before us and the value picks available and I've noticed that Detroit, who has a good pass rusher [Cliff Avril 9.5 sacks this year 11 and 10 the year before that and before that one] who is going to be a FA this year and with Van Bosch on one side, I can very well see them letting Avril hit FA and selecting a Mingo or Werner where they are since they are having to re-sign Louis Delmas, Houston, and a bunch of others as well. If they do indeed do this, this changes things to me and Miami can look to add that pass rusher via FA instead by signing Avril with the money from Starks departure (Odrick is his replacement) and that leaves the 12th pick sitting pretty for Cordarelle Patterson or Dee Milliner should he drop. Of course, Detroit can re-sign him and replace Cherilus with Eric Fisher (not to mention Backus is on his last year too) and monkey wrench this but hey... Right now what I'm mostly anxious for is friggin March and the start of FA so I can calculate better what the draft may look like better.
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