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Ya, I post a lot of radical things. Most of the time they are good, outside the box, thoughts; sometimes they aren't. For example:

I was the guy who, four years ago when Kap was a jr at Nevada, kept posting in the draft forum that Colin Kaepernick should be the Dolphins future at QB.

I even went as far as predicting that Kap would be a better QB and have a better career than John Elway. For this I was shredded and continually ridiculed fot the two years I continued to post until the stupendous idiot in charge drafted a center with 15th pick and the 49ers stole Kap with a trade up in the 2nd.

The Elway thing........Elway's carrer passing rating was in the 70's and he didn't get to the SB until late in his career. Kap has already posted a higher QB rating than Elway ever had in any year he played and Kap has, of course, has already been to the big one and almost pulled it out.

On the other hand, I also advocated very early on the drafting of Pat White to run the wildcat; not with an early 2nd mind you, but guilty just the same.
Elliot, you do these crazy plans every year . . . . the problem is, they are so unrealistic and so wide open that you are bound to be right on some details and wrong on others. Until you put something together that is more reasonable, these plans will often fly over people's heads.

Your plan to get Colin Kaepernick can't be getting comp picks for walking free agents and then using the actual picks from the comp rounds to trade up combined with the trading down of the first round pick to pick up more picks. It is too difficult to process and you can't GM like that in the real world because things often don't go as planned and you need backup plans. You certainly cannot crown Kaepernick anything after 10 games either.