Philbin and Sherman want to install a pass first 4 wide receiver (Finley played more snaps off the line as a wide out than on it as a tight end) like Green Bay and A&M. Is this the best way to go? Surly the rules have changed to where it isn't pass to score; run to win so much as it is pass to win. Plus playing in Miami we have 8 games a year of great passing conditions. That said the 2 teams in the superbowl were the 49ers run heavy/option offense and the Ravens who had a very balanced attack (proving once again Cam Cameron sucks).

I really like the way the Ravens use their offence mixing in a lot of 2 back and 2 tight end sets as well as putting all 5 players out wide at times. Boldin, especially when matched with those 2 speedsters outside, is an archetype for the player we should get to take over for Bess in the slot. IMO a player like that is more valuable than an amazing tight end. And the fact that they can and do run it takes pressure off their quarterback and allows him to use the play action, which as we have seen Tanne is very good at.