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Thread: Logical WR moves: Re-sign Hartline! Sign Wallace, and draft big WR DONE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy View Post
    I have seen reports about Baltimore possibly releasing Boldin. Any idea what he would want from a 2-3 year contract? I would love to see him across from Jennings or Wallace with a couple of young draftees waiting in the wings. Maybe Bailey and Wheaton? Is this realistic?

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    I don't think Baltimore lets him walk. He was Flacco's #1 target in the postseason and lets be honest, some of those catches he made were incredible.

    Wallace and Boldin in Miami would be unbelievable.
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    [QUOTE=sirvmac;1064576847]I'm completely against re-signing Hartline for ''reportedly" what he wants.
    He is a guy we can replace through the draft easily imho. I mean what has he really done for us that another mid-round draft pick cannot?
    I'm not saying Hartline is useless. Just that he's easily replaceable, relatively speaking of course.

    HARTLINE is a 1000 yard WR, on a for-**** team w/a Rookie QB. Anyone who says that a 1000 yard WR is easy to find is ignorant of football. Factor in a for-**** team and a Rookie QB, and the absurdity of your statement becomes clear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by houtz View Post
    Hartline is nowhere near a "less speedy version" of Wallace. In fact, he's more of a Greg Jennings type than Wallace.

    Jennings and Bowe will both want upward of 8-10 million so why not just pay Wallace what he's asking? There aren't many players capable of doing what Wallace has done and he's only going to get better. He's 26, the fastest player in the league and a instant game changer. If you resign Hartline for 4 million a year and pay Wallace what he wants you solidify the WR position for years to come. That is assuming you draft a WR early in the draft.

    Again, Brian Hartline is nowhere near the same WR as Wallace. Speed or not it's just two completely different wideouts.
    I was responding to Phins89 who said ,"Hartline is Wallace but with a little less speed." Just responding to his thought of Hartline being a slower version of Wallace, and asking him why would he then want a more expensive version.

    Personally I don't think Hartline is like any of the big three, Hartline is not in the league of any of them, but he can be a very good complimentary receiver, and as a #2 or #3, he can be very effective, with any of the three, but for Miami's type of west coast offense, Jennings is the most ideal, while Wallace is the least.

    Wallace could become a ridiculous all around receiver, but right now he is just an extremely athletically gifted receiver, that is 70% speed, 30% everything else. His route running is very average, timing routes will need to be mastered better, he is not the best at thinking when things go wrong....all very important in a west coast offense.
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    Agree with you King, I would not be disappointed at all if Hartline walks, think you may be able to get Jennings for what he is asking, the draft is loaded with second and third round talent at WR, if the GM has half a brain (which is questionable) he should be able to pick one out, and I agree with the growing sentiment of trying to pull a "Pat Riley" and get the two best receivers and include wallace in the signing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pillBOXhat View Post
    Obviously I'm not an NFL GM. Just a fan posting on a fan forum about a subject that's been beaten more than the Phins have the last 10 years. That being said:

    Hartline must be re-signed. He is a legitimate #2 WR or at the very least he has the real potential to be next season. Yes, he didn't score but the blame should be shared with the dismal supporting cast. He showed he could be a deep threat and a great possession WR. He has great chemistry with Tanne, is (26) young, and is a Dolphins draftee. Not to mention he is durable. He has played in all but 4 games in his 4 years with the Phins. As the 49ers and Ravens showed, you need to accumulate talent. Not part with it. He flourished with Tanne in the West Coast offensive and will only get better, especially when more weapons for opposing defenses to focus on are added.

    I like Jennings, and early on I preferred him over Wallace. However, he has become injury-prone. You can't expect that to suddenly change if he changes uniforms as we have learned with the likes of former injury-prone signees such as Justin Smiley and Jake Grove. For the NFL, 30 years old is OLD. Jennings' arrow is pointing DOWN. Phins need to accumulate players on the rise. Wallace is that player. He may be limited in the routes he runs but with further coaching that can hopefully change. His speed and star quality is something the Dolphins lack and are starving for. He will come at a lofty price tag and there is concern surrounding his character. However, if the Dolphins perform a solid evaluation process and offer a big but somewhat self-protecting contract I believe he is worth it. A lot of NFL players lose their desire for the game after a big pay day, but I'm hoping (26) Wallace's desire, pride, and yes, ego, keep him hungry for winning. Dolphins are on the rise and along with Tanne, Wallace can be the face of this franchise for years to come.

    Other than speed, the Dolphins are hugely lacking in a big and aggressive WR. Someone Boldin-esque. This has to be Ireland's job to find in the draft with a relatively later pick. Someone who can bully opposing CBs. He doesnt have to be the star Boldin is, at least not immediately, but he must be able to come up big when he is called upon and at least provide Tanne with an escape clause against aggressive defenses on occasion.

    Just my 2 pennies
    Only if the price is right.

    Brian Hartline should accept a decent proposal from Dolphins, but if Ireland throws a very low offer, it will lead to lose any chance on re-signing him.
    I assume that $28 million/5 years deal with a $2.5 million signing bonus would be fair.

    I understand your point about injuries and Johnny Knox reminded us these athletes are one hit away of retirement.
    But Greg Jennings' tear-repair surgery will require few months of rehab, and everything points he'll be fine.
    In most cases, knee injuries on O-Liners, cause a lost of flexibility and strength on the leg, leading to reduce the performance of that player.
    Unlike that, sports hernia repair surgery is relatively simple to rehab, allowing player to recover his former level and rarely re-injuries.
    Greg is a fighter not a diva.

    There are three facts that lead me to prefer Greg Jennings over Mike Wallace:
    A) Greg's price tag will be lower than Mike's.
    B) Greg has familiarity with Philbin's concepts.
    C) Mike has ego-issues and is less mature than Greg.

    Greg Jennings could sign a $25 million/3 years with $4 million signing bonus including some feasible incentives like: 1000 yards/season, 16 starts/season, 5 games with 100+yards/season, 10 TD/season and 70 receptions/season.

    Once you get a fine couple of starters, a rookie WR stud could come late in 2nd round.
    From Mexico, GO PHINS GO!!!
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