Not that this is that important, but I literally fell to the ground laughing when he listed his Super Bowl city rankings:

My Super Bowl city rankings: 1. San Diego, 2. New Orleans, 3. Indianapolis, 4. Phoenix, 5. Dallas, 6. Tampa, 7. South Florida. I'd very much like L.A. and San Francisco to get back in the mix. (Why Miami so low? Too spread out. Everything's a hassle. Convenience rules.)

You can make an argument about San Diego and New Orleans, but Indianapolis and Dallas? Seriously? Peter King must be the only guy in America that would rather be in Indianapolis than Miami in the beginning of February. Forget the great weather (most of the time), South Beach, and beautiful woman, I would rather be able to walk across the street to Starbucks.

Miami is too spread out, but he wants LA to get back in the mix. I guess Peter obviously has never been to LA before.

I am usually a big fan of his, but what he said was pretty ridiculous.