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I think Markus Wheaton is going to have to end up in this "top tier" study. Same with Terrance Williams.

I think Cordarrelle Patterson will solidify himself as a top level prospect and may even go top 10 above where Miami is picking. I think the other guy that will sneak into the 1st round is Markus Wheaton who showed at the Senior Bowl that you wouldn't be remiss in thinking of him as another Santonio Holmes, only with DeSean Jackson's pure speed and (we hope) a better overall attitude.

It's hard to say what will happen to Keenan Allen and DeAndre Hopkins once they go to the Combine and show up as just sort of average athletes. Allen will be better than average once size is taken into consideration but I don't see him Julio Jonesing it up.

Terrance Williams' pure combination of size, speed, ball skills and production should put a floor on his draft stock at around the mid-2nd round.

Stedman Bailey remains a wildcard. As does Quinton Patton. A stronger than expected showing at the Combine from either player could vault them very high, but a weaker showing could propel either player into the 3rd round.
I'm really hoping that Wheaton is at least available at 42.