I wanted to pass a draft scenario by you guys get your opinion of it. The Ravens just won the Super Bowl, Ray Lewis is retiring, Ellerbe is a FA and might go looking for a job elsewhere leaving the Ravens with NO ILB. Even if Ellerbe stays they only have one guy inside and who they have on the roster cant really fill the spot Ray leaves void. This FA period is weak in possible replacements and this draft has 2 first round guys when it comes to ILB, Alec Olgetree and Manti Teo. The Ravens are in no position to get either, and cant mortgage all their picks to get in that range. And honestly I think Ogletree is going to blow up the combine and show his true ability vaulting him to a top 10-12 kinda pick.

So with that being the case I was thinking this, trade Dansby to the Ravens. He is a solid veteran guy who has been in 3-4's most of his career and can help the Ravens transition after the Ray Lewis era. I dont know exactly what we can get for him but since its a huge position of need for the Ravens maybe we can get a higher pick than we could normally. This carries with it several benefits. It clears alot of salary for us (8+ mill a year?) to continue to build our team considering we are already loaded with cash to spend this may allow us to target another WR or extra O-linemen and gives us an extra pick possibly two.

With our 1st round pick we draft Alec Olgetree who can cover (safety coming into school) and can lower the boom (check out most any game.....he can blow people up) giving us a young talented guy in the middle for 10 years who can cover TEs of the new generation and can help us establish a more physical and fearful presence. Then using some of the extra picks we have get back into the late 1st to get Trufant from Washington probably would have to get in front of the Pats but I think if you get those two plus you maintain 2 or 3 picks on day two you can use to fill holes with you may have the makings of a STUD draft class full of impactful young players.

So what do you all think?