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Scientologists don't really believe in the traditional view of panspermia, they believe that an evil alien tyrant named Xenu came to Earth and threw his enslaved people into volcanoes and nuked them with H-Bombs. The "souls" of these advanced people then attached themselves to early proto-humans, giving them sentience, but also all the baggage that comes with being human. You want that taught as "science" along with Genesis and evolution?

If there is scientific evidence to support it then I have no issues with it being presented to students. After all, it sounds far more credible than believing blue whales, bacteria, finches, elephants, sharks, humans, and mosquitos are all somehow “blood relatives”. If the evidence is really on your side, as you claim it is, the students surely would benefit by being exposed to being allowed to weigh the evidence in its totality. Censorship helps no one.

The dating methods that we use today can verify without a shadow of a doubt that the Earth is older than 6,000 years old. That is all that needs to be said to refute your claims.

This is what we call an assertion; it proves absolutely nothing, now if you want to actually back it up with something I’d be more than happy to examine your evidence. Merely asserting all dating methods do support your position isn’t going to cut it with me though.

I don't know why anyone latches onto this 6,000 year old thing anyway because the Bible doesn't give specific dates on any of this. All of this was simply surmised by adding up the ages of all the generations of men listed in the Bible. That is a rather UNSCIENTIFIC method to date the Earth.

Actually it’s greater than scientific evidence, scripture is infallible, and science is fallible. I’ll take evidence of the infallible nature any day of the week. However, there is scientific evidence to support an Earth that is only 6-7,000 years old.