Watching the game yesterday I couldn't help but think about how the Ravens have had an "identity" for over a decade and SF the last 2 years since Harbaugh took over. These organizations have distinct cultures - they are images of their coaches for sure. These teams also seem to have had a lot of stability at many key positions over the last few years - a lot of the key 9ers players were on the roster before Harbaugh got there. My question is, with all the UFAs we have and churn that appears to be coming can our FO and coaching staff build a team ready to compete at a high level in 2013?

I guess the I have my doubts as the last time we loaded up on FAs was '95 - I think we had like 25 former #1's on our team but had no identity, no chemistry, a 9-7 record and another first round blowout loss at Buffalo. I'd personally rather see us retain our "solid" guys and focus on drafting playmakers than letting most of these guys walk simply due to how hard I believe it will be to transform the organizational culture / mental framework of a team with so much change.

What do you guys think?