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Exactly, Ireland is the GM for the 2013 season that is not going to change. Bitching and moaning about him having the job is just annoying and pointless at this point. If you want to talk about his record or what he will do this upcoming offseason, fine, but to keep saying things like "Why is he the GM?", "Ireland needs to be fired", blah blah blah is not going to accomplish anything.

As a Dolphins fan you should be HOPING and ROOTING for Ireland succeed during this upcoming free agency period and the draft. The ultimate goal for all of us Dolphins fans is to see the team get better, get back in the playoffs and eventually bring home the Lombardi Trophy. Hoping for the GM to fail is not what any of us should be doing. Sure you can come back at this post with "look at his record", "I have no faith in him" or whatever same lines you have been writing but that doesn't change the fact that Ireland will be signing players this March and drafting players in April. That is going to happen whether you or I like it. With that said, the BEST thing for this franchise is for Ireland to be successful this offseason because failure will likely mean a GM change at the end of the season and very possibly a head coaching change. We will be starting completely over again, that would not be good.

This offseason is set up to be one of the most exciting and eventful offseasons for the Dolphins in a long time with $45+ million in cap space and 5 draft picks in the top 82. The money and picks are there to make a quick turnaround and be in the playoffs next season. With all this money and cap space, and the fact that we have our quarterback position settled makes me very excited for the future of this team. Go Dolphins!
So I guess Chargers fans had no right to want AJ Smith fired or Detroit fans to want Matt Millen gone. They should have just been quiet and dealt with it because they were the GMs. I would like nothing more than for Ireland to knock this offseason out of the park. The problem is that he has shown absolutely nothing in the past that leads me to believe that it will actually happen. Until he does prove me wrong I'm going to keep complaining about the fact that he still has a job. The burden of proof is on him, not me.