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Better yet, lets use the argument in a way im sure you can understand......FDR has ordered Asians and the descendants of Asians to be interned. You find out one is actually a Japanese operative and has given material aid to the Japs. You can't locate him specifically, so you call in a drone to hit an area he is known to be in.
That's an American citizen on American soil engaging in treason. That's not what the memo and the policy are talking about. Poor example.

Not so funny when it's on US soil.
No kidding. It's also not what this is.

And American citizens fighting on foreign soil in a combat role with the enemy is a fair target. A guy climbing a mountain with his son, not engaged in combat.....not so much. Drones are not the be all end all of warfare this President pretends it is....or did you ever stop to wonder why he ordered SEAL team 6 in to get OSB, instead of leveling the whole thing with drone strikes? You have to capture people, you have to have human intellegence to go with all the signal intelligence. We dont do that anymore....maybe youve seen the pics...i'm not allowed to post them here anymore.
So then you're not against the killing of American citizens without trial in principle, you just want them to be more directly engaged in combat? Sounds like a slippery slope to me.