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But Titus is still on a rookie deal, so what are we talking . . . 500K a year? Chances in the NFL are getting slimmer and slimmer and a guy like Titus could really rebrand himself by shaping up for a coach like Joe Philbin. I dunno, he wants to be a star and he has that opportunity to be that guy down here . . . worse comes to worse we cut him loose (depending on the ramifications). Hey I don't know the whole story with him, only what I've read, and it certainly isn't good, but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to take a look.
I didn't say it would be a bad aquisition, but knowing the kind of players Philbin wants, I just couldn't imagine Titus Young being one of them. I'm not sure Philbin would want a guy like that even if he were free. Its not the money, its the player.