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Thread: McNabb: Watch out for Ryan Tannehill

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    Let's assess. We are one of the youngest teams in the NFL (3rd youngest in 2012 maybe?) and we have 5 draft picks in the top 82. That's a recipe for another very young team in 2013. Another 2-3 years and that team will be rising into their prime, so while it seems like a cop out to say 3-4 years, it actually makes a lot of sense. Tannehill lacks experience. We're going to rebuild the WR corps and it usually takes young WR's about 3 years to break through. So, I think that McNabb's prediction makes a lot of sense.

    However, it shocks me to hear. Because, nobody on the NFL Network wants to hear 3-4 years about anybody or any team. They're going waaaaaaaaay out of their way to hype up the stars of today and the stars of the major market teams like NY, CHI, etc. They love rookies, but only the ones that are already hype-machines like Luck, RGIII, Wilson. Guys like Alfred Morris, Ryan Tannehill and Stephon Gilmore who are sliding under the radar despite exceptional rookie seasons aren't likely to get much attention on NFL Network. Those rookies had truly eye-opening rookie seasons, but were either overshadowed or played for a less successful team in a less populated market. It takes nothing away from these guys, and they're becoming top professionals among their peers, but the media turns a blind eye. So, to hear McNabb throw that in when it was clear that Andrew Sicilliano and the network weren't interested in discussing it means more IMHO.
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    If the Dolphins are hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in 3-4 years I will take that. Doesn't mean this team is 3-4 years from playoff contention or fielding a good team, they were talking about the next young quarterback to win a Super Bowl. So I take McNabb's prediction/opinion of Tannehill being a Super Bowl winner in 3-4 years as a compliment. The team needs to have a winning season/make the playoffs this year and hopefully this team can be a consistent playoff team for the long term.

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